Our approach

Beemune’s approach is founded on the work of Kevin Kavanagh – a world-renowned expert in entomology and immunology. We believe that by improving the nutrition of bees, we will strengthen their immune system, and in doing so help them to cope with environmental stress, disease and parasites.

Beemune is developing a range of products to do just this. We are feeding our product to colonies that suffer from the key problems that concern beekeepers. Small scale trials run last year have given us confidence that our products will bring significant benefits to bee colonies. We are now conducting larger scale trials in the US and Europe.

The nature of our formulations is confidential, but results of our trials will be disclosed in the first instance to those with whom we develop close collaborations

We have decided to incorporate our products in feedstuffs to minimise time to market. Our products are naturally occurring and safe.

Our strategy is to work with those already in the bee industry rather than enter into competition with them. We have a problem to solve – let’s work together to solve it.

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